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Pump Storage Design Calculator

The design of pump storage plant is mainly performed with the help of gross head ,suction head and effective head.Along with the discharge one can easily calculate the specific speed,overall efficiency,chance of cavitation and submergence required for the pump.The economic requirements can also be estimated with the  help of the ration of tail race and effective head. The software can help students,researchers,engineers to calculate the specific speed,submergence,Potential of Cavitation in the flow and efficiency of pumped storage plants along with the L/h ratio to find the economic requirements of the plant if Normal Speed,Generation and Pump Efficiency,frequency factor,gross head are known. The Software can calculate : Specific Speed from Normal Speed,Discharge and Gross Head Submergence from Specific Speed and head Overall Efficiency of Pumped Storage Plant from Generator and Pump Efficiency,k value,Gross Head and Discharge. Potential of Cavitation is estimated from C