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Invitation to Act as a Reviewer for a special issue of Journal of Water and Energy Nexus

I will like to invite my readers to act as a reviewer of the articles submitted for possible publication in the special issue entitled "Optimization of Water Energy Nexus by Soft Computation and Hierarchical Decision Making Methods" in the Journal of Water and Energy Nexus. This journal is a new journal which is published from Energy in Style Publishers.Although this is a new journal but it is not a paid or predatory journal and perform extensive peer reviews before allowing an article to be published in the journal. The Abstract and other details of the Special Issue is as given below : Abstract In any operational systems both water and energy is utilized for the sustenance of the benefits received from the system. The nexus of water and energy and their interdependency and cognitive utilization of the mutuality between the two basic essentials of mankind ensure the success of the system, which become evident from the output received from the setup. Acc

Invitation to Collaborate : Impact of Lockdown due to COVID 19 in India on amount of Water used in Thermal Power Plants

A project is proposed to look into the "Impact of Lockdown due to COVID 19 in India on amount of Water used in Thermal Power Plants".The study aims to locate the point of vulnerabilities and will analyse their sensitivity to the lock down period. It will also aim to detect the major factors which can be modulated for optimal performance of the power plant with minimum consequence to water resources of the location.PG or PhD scholars or faculty members working in the field of water and energy management or water-energy nexus or operation research can collaborate. If interested kindly reply me.( 

Energy Consumption Indicator

Irregular Household energy consumption is attributed to be one of the major cause of energy scarcity and increasing dependence on fossil fuels.The rising cost of electricity is another reason why we must monitor our energy use.This app will help you to analyze your energy use and it will alert you when you are over using and whether you are under using the resource allocated to you... Click here to Access the apps.