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A journal from Taylor and Francis about Landscape Research

The journal of Landscape Research is published by Taylor and Francis from Landscape Research Group.The journal accepts submissions from subjects related to : Archaeology; Built Environment; Environmental Geography; Environmental Studies; Environmental Studies & Management; Geography; Human Geography; Humanities; Landscape; Landscape; Landscape Conservation & Countryside Management; Physical Geography; Planning; Rural Planning; Rural Studies A more detailed analysis about the journal can be found in my another blog :

Review paper on Nature Based Optimization Methods applied in Efficiency Maximization of Cascaded Multi-Reservoir Systems

Nature Based Optimization Methods applied in Efficiency Maximization of Cascaded Multi-Reservoir Systems Abstract Nature Based Algorithms like Ant Colony,Bee Colony,Particle Swarm,Genetic Algorithms etc are now widely used in optimization of resource allocation in cascaded multi-reservoir systems. Such systems are constructed worldwide for optimal allocation of resources for hydropower as well as irrigation purposes.The interconnected systems which are useful in providing supply where needed from where the resource is excess and thus utilizing available resources optimally minimizing the wastage. Algorithms like Ant Colony or Bee Colony are popular due to their ability in identifying the mapping that exist between nonlinear variables.In the present study the researchers can optimize inflow and release of water from the reservoirs in such a way that it can minimize the wastage of water from over or under use.As both inflow and outflow are non-linear to each other such pr

New Research Idea : Selection of Conceptual Hydrologic Models for Estimating Runoff from Arid Watersheds

New Research Idea Abstract The selection of ideal conceptual hydrologic model for prediction of surface runoff from any type of watershed is useful for the estimation of future hydrologic conditions of the basin.The predicted runoff is also important for design of hydraulic structure,preparation of watershed management plans ,disaster management etc. related activities.The future runoff will give an idea of future uncertainties that may trouble the watershed and its inhabitants.The hydrologic models which follows the basic physical laws of water balance to estimate the desired output cannot exactly estimate the runoff.There will be some differences with the actual situation and the predicted one.The deviations between the two is allowable but to a certain extent.There are many factors for this deviation.Some models are suitable for some specific types of watersheds.The availability of required dataset is also another important issue.The equalizing constants that are used to linearize

Latest Call for Papers on Water and Energy Nexus : 21st to 28th July 2023

Title: Geospatial Big Data: Theory, Methods, and Applications Type of Call: Special Issue Publisher: TaylorandFrancis Deadline: 30 September 2023 Submission Link: Title: 1st North American Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) Type of Call: Conferences Publisher: SDEWES Deadline: June 2024(tentative) Submission Link: Title: Governing Complex Disasters in Southeast Asia Type of Call: Special Issue Publisher: Emerald Deadline: 15th Oct 2023 Submission Link: Title: New Approaches in Water-Energy-Food-Environment-Climate (WEFEC) Nexus Type of Call: Special Issue Publisher: MDPI Deadline: 31 Dec 2023 Submission Link: Title: World Conference on S

Latest Student Scholarships 21st to 28th July 2023

1. Griffith Remarkable Scholarship Apply Link: Deadline: 4 Aug 2023 Courtesy: Dr.Reetuparna Biswas 2. Humber International Entrance Scholarships Apply Link: Deadline: 30 September 2023 Courtesy: Dr.Reetuparna Biswas 3. Hubert Humphrey Fellowships in the USA for International Students Apply Link: Deadline: 1 Oct 2023 Courtesy: Dr.Reetuparna Biswas 4. GKS Undergraduate Scholarships Apply Link: Deadline: October 2023 Courtesy: LeapScholar 5. Careers at ADB 2023: Climate Change Specialist Apply Link: Courtesy: ADB More such news at