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Some research ideas on GIS applications in hydro power plants

Hydro-power is proposed to be one of the most probable renewable energy source which have the potential to replace the use of fossil fuels.Optimal management of hydro power plants are important for maximum utilization of available resources. Geographical Information System(GIS) on the other hand is utilized as a tool which can help in managing any system in the most desirable manner.If GIS is used to manage hydro power plant then maximization of utilization of the power potential can be possible in a cost-efficient manner. The ideas below is an example for doing research in this scope of study.Anyone interested to do research in this aspect can use the following ideas already published in Baipatra. Idea 1: Development of indicator based real time pen stock condition monitoring system by the application of GIS and Cognitive tools Idea 2: Development of a Spatial Predictive Model for Estimation of Flow Rate in Penstock Networks Click here for more details . Beside these