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Optimal utilization of funds for watershed conservation

Point of Contention :  How to rate a watershed ? How to estimate the level of degradation in a watershed ? Which parameters can represent the status of a watershed ? Is it level of erosion/deforestation or change in climatic pattern or decay in water quality or land conversion ? Which will be the most important parameter to represent the status of the watershed or will it take more than one or two parameters to estimate the health of the watershed ?  Many questions are required to be answered before embargoing upon a watershed management plan.It is important to separate the needful watersheds from the already conserved catchments for optimal utilization of the available funds.But finding a full proof method is not very easy. Do You Know ? Spatial and Spectral Resolution:   Spatial Resolution in Geographical Information System is defined as the pixel spacing on the real earth surface or Ground Sample Distance(GSD) of the region captured in the image. In general

Conservation of mass and energy can be applied in solving hydro-climatic problems.

Category: Hydrology Output Type: Views TAG: News Type of Message: Message  Cover Feature :  The Water Balance or Budget Equation can be treated as the mother of all types of hydro-metereological equations.The equation is derived from Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy and states that inflow of water is equal to outflow of the same.If there exist an unequality,then it will contribute to the existing storage of water of the region.Precipitation and Inflows are accounted under Inflow and Runoff,Ground Water Outflow(contributed by infiltration) and Evapo-Transpiration is treated as Outflow.We can find any one of the variables from the equation if the other ones are already known.  Summary : Just use Water Budget Equation to solve most of your hydrologic problems Do You Know ?:  Subsurface Return Flow can be defined as that amount of water which ex-filtrate back to the surface after being infiltrated in the up-slope portion of the hill.  Academic Tech

Research Idea for Hydropower Researchers

New Research Idea :  Selection of Turbines for Small Scale Hydro-Power Plant in Mid-sloped regions by Neuro-Genetic and AHP techniques.  Why Good Research Idea ?   Efficiency of output from SHP in the mid slope regions are not very attractive.But if proper decision making measures is utilized to select the turbines and all other related machineries then situations can be improved.Either-way this can be a good research topic for M.Tech student as all these cognitive algorithms are now widely used in decision making studies.The advantage of Analytical Hierarchy Process along with Piecewise Comparison Matrix is also another tool for efficient and logical decision making.Both can be utilized to select most suitable turbines for SHP in the mid-slopey areas.

Comparative Analysis of Cognitive Models in Prediction of Soil Erodibility can be a great topic for M.Tech research

New Research Idea : Comparing Neuro-genetic and ANFIS models in prediction of Soil Erodibility Why Good Idea ? Prediction of soil erodibility is one of the complex problems that are plaguing the hydrologic researchers for a long time.Various linear and non-linear models were utilized to predict erodibility but level of accuracy was found to be not satisfactory.That is why, people are moving towards nature based algorithms for prediction of such non-linear variables. Metaheurestic algorithms are highly popular for their efficiency in determination of many other complex non-linear parallel atrocities. The same advantage can be utilized in solving the present problem as well.

New Research Idea in Water Resource Management

Category Water Resource Management Output Type Report Type of Message * Ideas Cover Feature New Research Idea : Impact of Change in Rainfall Erosivity on Soil Conservation Projects in Semi-Arid Watersheds under Climate Change Scenarios Why ? Soil Conservation can prevent many irrigation projects from failure.Change in rainfall erosivity effect soil dynamics and climate change is only aggravating this change.Thus analysis of the impact of climate change on soil conservation projects will become necessary in the near future.The study can highlight the major factors which can contribute to the failure of the soil conservation projects which in turn will help the engineers to look for an ideal solution.

Development of a Software for Plantation Management for your M.Tech research

Category Water Resource Management Output Type Software Type of Message * Ideas Cover Feature New Research Ideas : Neuro-genetic Software for Plantation Management(Selection of Plant species,Land,Materials etc.) Why ? Plantation management is a complex subject which involves selection of species,locations,fertilizers,market etc. can be optimized in such a way that profit can be maximized. In the present age many people are investing in plantation business due to the low risk and investment involved in such ventures.But availability of land,suitable species,locating ideal market is a big concern for such project and need to be optimally managed for maximum return from the investment.That is why the present idea can help you to create a solution for those businessmen who are not happy with their return from the plantation business.