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New Job Opening : Water Resource Engineer Location: Karnataka, India

  E I Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  Water Resource Engineer Location: Karnataka, India  Desired Expertise: water resource engineering, water, design, planning, engineering, Channel Design, HEC2, Surface Water Modeling, Drainage Studies, River Engineering, Watershed Modeling, Floodplain Analysis, HEC1, Flood Forecasting, Water Supply Click here to apply .

R&D Engineer in New Delhi

  MACLEC TECHNICAL PROJECT LABORATORY PVT LTD R&D Engineer  (Electrical HT/LT Systems/Inverters/Power Stabilizers) Location : New Delhi,India Expected Start Date: 15/9/2021 Job Types: Full-time, Contract, Commission Salary: ₹20,000.00 - ₹60,000.00 per month

Three new innovations which has revolutionized the advancement of "Water to Wire" technologies

 The world’s first hydroelectric power plant illuminated the house of H.J. Roger and a nearby building on Sept. 30, 1882. Today more than 2,000 hydropower plants generate clean, reliable energy across America. This was possible due to the frequent innovations that were observed in this field of technology. "But for water power to realize its full potential, innovative technologies are needed to meet new challenges and harness new resource types, from streams to the ocean"( OEERE ) and many other such novel technologies which will enable the concept of Water To Wire Technology. Below are the three promising water power technologies under research now:  Helicoid Penstocks "The spiral-shaped design of human blood vessels to create a similarly shaped penstock pipe."( HSW ) The helicoid penstock is similar to a rifle barrel through which water flows and the penstock began to spin. The spiraling pipe provides additional energy and injects the water directly into the turbi

New Trend of Hydropower : Powering non-powered dams

  According to the  Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy , tens of thousands of dams across USA don’t produce power. The inclusion of power generation equipments to these locations will add 12 GW of new hydropower capacity to the grid. So novel technologies are innovated to produce power from the unutilized hydrpower potential of different countries of the World.

New Trend in Hydro Power : Small hydro

 Solomon Islands,Lao PDR, different locations in the USA are now developing technologies like: Gravity hydraulic machines (water wheels and Archimedes screws)  Turbines (very low head turbines and hydrokinetic turbines), Advanced designs and  Operation strategies for pumps as turbines (PATs) .. to generate power from water(Hydro Review,IHA etc.). Other countries are also looking for technologies to generate power from the low heads using a small amount of land.

New Trend in Hydro Power : Hydropower digitalisation

  According to  IHA , the real-time collection and processing of data to adjust the working conditions of hydropower turbines can imbibe advanced grid supporting services without compromising reliability and safety of the plant.  Such real time monitoring systems can automate the control of  power generaion and will save both cost and manhours.