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Three topics of research on energy from salinity gradient of oceans.

  Power generation from Salinity Gradient is a new topic of research that is steadily attracting interest from the researchers of renewable energy. The scarcity and rising demand for conventional fuels have also aggravated the importance of alternative sources of energy where power from salinity gradient or Blue Energy can be a useful solution. As the topic is new and mostly unexplored, doing research in this aspect, have a very high potential.  Research ideas like : 1) Cost Minimization of Power Extraction from Saline Water Gradient-based Power Plants by Nature Based Optimization Techniques The first objective of the work will be to identify parameters/s, which contribute towards the total expenditure for the installation of Salinity Gradient-based power plants. After all the settings were defined, and the significance of the weights of the parameters is determined, the next step will be to formulate the indicator in such a manner that it becomes directly proportional to the expenditu