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Hydro Energy in Style : HydEA

  To enhance the effectiveness of existing hydropower plants, methods to carry out the exploitation of existing plants in a more effective way were explored in various parts of the World. HydEA (Hydro Efficiency Analysis) project was inserted in this context, to increase the overall efficiency of hydroelectric plants through the more rational use of the resources was obtained by data-driven approaches. This framework allows the real-time detection of deviations from the expected values.  " It is also possible to recognize, through the recalculation of the models at fixed intervals, very slow decay of the system performance ".  @ EnergyinStyle

New Trend of Research : Underwater Turbines

  Tidal turbines have blades that turn a rotor to power a generator just like other turbines. They are placed on the seafloor where there is strong tidal flow. Because water is denser than air, tidal turbines are much heavier than wind turbines. The turbines would be installed at depths of 300 feet (91 meters) or more, in areas of fast-moving water " where not many things live ". However, blades of such turbines may injure or kill aquatic species. That is why new technologies to innovate underwater turbines are now a widely popular topic of research.  Case Study . Image Courtesy:   @EnergyinStyle  

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