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Application of Nature Based Optimization Techniques in Optimizing Water Used in Renewable Energy Systems

The engineering advancements and burgeoning population have aggravated the requirements of energy. As the typical fuel resources are limited, the recent trend of energy demand has enforced concerns on the availability of fossil based fuels.The disturbance in the price of crude oil is one of the effect of this growing demand.That is why the renewable energy systems like hydro power, solar, wind, wave, tidal etc. has become a topic of concern and research.The common objective is the maximization of conversion efficiency and reduction of the expenses for the conversion.However, in most of the previous studies it was found that the function of water in enhancing productivity and decreasing cost is ignored.The novel and successful application of nature mimicking algorithms like Ant Colony,Artificial Bee,Particle Swarm Optimization in recent years has been used to identify optimal scenarios which can minimize the water requirement maintaining the balance between water used and energy produced.There by creating the water-energy nexus,utilization of water in renewable energy systems can be optimized. Benefit of the Study : The proposed investigation can reduce the wastage of resources and may maximize the utilization of the natural resources in an objective manner. 

Prerequisites : 1)Knowledge of Ant Colony,Artificial Bee,Particle Swarm Optimization. 2)An idea about Water Energy Nexus

Related Books and Papers :

The Water-Food-Energy Nexus: Processes, Technologies, and Challenges edited by I. M. Mujtaba, R. Srinivasan, N. O. Elbashir(2017)

International Renewable Energy Association. “Renewable Energy in the Water, Energy & Food Nexus.” Abu Dhabi: IRENA (2015).

Zhou, Yanlai, Li-Chiu Chang, Tin-Shuan Uen, Shenglian Guo, Chong-Yu Xu, and Fi-John Chang. “Prospect for small-hydropower installation settled upon optimal water allocation: An action to stimulate synergies of water-food-energy nexus.” Applied Energy 238 (2019): 668-682.

Related Journals where you can publish such papers :

 International Journal of Water and Energy Nexus

New journal edited by the author of this post.Accept any original research works which highlight the optimization of water and energy nexus.

Water-Energy Nexus

Accept papers which depicts “research on energy efficiency in water and wastewater treatment and distribution, energy for water transmission/treatment/distribution and wastewater collection/treatment/disposal, water for energy extraction/production, and any related topics. It publishes original works about physical, chemical, biological, and environmental processes in engineering and management of the water-energy nexus”(As per the journal home page).

Related Conferences:

Water Energy Nexus,Africa 2020 The conference is going to be held in Tunisia.Dates are not announced yet.

1st International Conference on Water, Energy and Environment Nexus (WEEN-2019) Conference is going to be held from 5 September 2019 09:00 – 8 September 2019 18:00 in Istanbul, Turkey.

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