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Seven Position Open for Research Associate on Water,Energy and Environment


Research Associate at The University of Newcastle, Australia

This position will be offered as a level A, 3-year, fixed-term contract. The remuneration range is from $95,918 to $102,962 plus 17 % superannuation and leave loading. On site. The last date of application is 13th Nov 2023. Minimum requirement PhD in Chemical Engineering(preferred) with expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

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Research Associate in Sewer and Water Supply System Performance in Sheffield, UK

This post is fixed-term for 24 months with a proposed start date of 1st March 2022 and an end date of 29th Feb 2024.

This is an exciting opportunity for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate to conduct world leading research into asset deterioration and system performance that will enhance the future resilience of sewer and water supply networks. The selected candidate should be educated to PhD level or have equivalent experience, have strong analytical and computational skills and be able to work in a busy laboratory environment.

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Research Associate in Carbon balance in Hamburg Germany

This position is fixed for a period of three years with the last date of application being 15 December 2023. Part-time work of 65 % of standard work hours per week. The responsibilities include academic services in the project named “Estimating effects of microbial functional diversity on marsh ecosystem carbon balance”.

Research associates may also pursue independent research and further academic qualifications.

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Postdoctoral fellow Hydro-informatics in Brussels, Belgium

The Faculty of Engineering, Department Hydrologie en waterbouwkunde, seeks a postdoctoral researcher with a grant to validate doctoral research, including managing open data, supercomputing, developing Internet-of-Things sensor technologies, applying Artificial Intelligence, and co-supervising different doctoral students. Must have a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences with a strong interest in water and climate research or a Ph.D. in the domain of Water and Climate with strong computer skills. The last date of application is 1st Dec 2023

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Post Doctoral Researcher in Research and Development Center for Earthquake and Tsunami Forecasting (FEAT), Japan

JAMSTEC aims to advance academic research and marine science and technology by conducting fundamental research and developing ocean-related activities for peace and human welfare. Post PhD students can apply for this Full-time job latest by December 11, 2023.

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