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Eight Start Up Ideas from Water and Energy Resources and their development


Idea 8: Energy Audit App cum Suggestion Program

Description: An application will be created that will allow users to enter the data about how much energy they use during a given time frame. After analyzing the data, the app will suggest how much energy each user is using, indicating whether it is excessive, insufficient, or in the middle. The app will also offer recommendations on how to maximize the amount of energy usage based on the degree of intensity of use.Business Model : B2B and B2C model Claim the Idea by sharing 5% stake with the Ideator

Idea 7: Domestic Water Management App

Description: Your water use data will be gathered by the app, which will then analyse it using a variety of statistical techniques and make recommendations on how to best use it. We need to be careful not to use too much or too little water these days because both will eventually waste this precious resource. Business Model: B2C Claim the Idea by sharing 5% stake with the Ideator
Idea 6: Rain Water Harvesting Potential of Living Space Description: This business strategy relies on giving clients advice on how to boost their household's capacity to store rainwater. By using cutting-edge decision-making approaches, they will also assist the clients in making the best use of the water gathered from rainfall.Business Model: B2B and B2C Claim the Idea by sharing 5% stake with the Ideator
Idea 5: Wet Commerce App - Pond to Plate Programme Description: The tangible resources of wetlands, such as fish, plants, etc., as well as the intangible assets, such as tourism and the creation of jobs locally, will be observed by this Wet Commerce App. The app will automatically make recommendations after storing and analysing the data. Business Model: B2B Claim the Idea by sharing 5% stake with the Ideator
Idea 4: Smart Management of Water Supplied to Households Based on its Utilization Potential Description: Water can be utilized for multiple purposes. When water becomes scarce we must ensure necessary measures to restrict wastage of water. In this case, an AI-based model would be utilized to predict the significance of different uses of water concerning the user. Based on this score water will be allocated/distributed. An App will be developed which will predict the score and also distribute the incoming water. This simple step will ensure optimal water conservation on one hand and on the other the requirement of the consumer will not be compromised. Business Model : B2C Claim the Idea by sharing 5% stake with the Ideator
Idea 3: Afforestation Service with Vertical Irrigation Schemes Description: The afforestation of any vacant land will become very important shortly as carbon credit and carbon bank concepts are put into practice. Someone can turn an area they own into a forest if it isn't being used for anything productive. Small companies might investigate this concept, in which the entrepreneur's task is to transform an underutilized area into a verdant forest. Even though this is not a novel idea, if we employ vertical irrigation schemes for this afforestation, a space that was previously only suitable for growing one layer of forest can now be used to grow three, four, or five layers of forest, depending on the homeowner's needs and the system's capacity. A start-up can easily investigate and capitalize on this concept, earning a steady revenue stream by assisting individuals in creating multilayered forests and earning carbon offset credits. Business Model: B2C Claim the Idea by sharing 5% stake with the Ideator Idea 2: Drinking Water Supply by Drones Description: Delivering drinking water to homes can be done with drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Such services will also be extremely helpful to anyone affected by a natural disaster. A phenomenon known as local heating has also been experienced as a result of growing urbanization, rising temperatures, and the emergence of urban complexes. In certain areas of the same metropolis, the requirement for water increases during specific times. Water delivered quickly and precisely at critical moments can save lives. In order to launch a successful yet economically and environmentally friendly business, startups can investigate this idea. Business Model : B2C Claim the Idea by sharing 5% stake with the Ideator Idea 1: Rain Water Harvesting on Rent Description: In this start-up, people will register their space on an App where they will allow the start-up owner to harvest rainwater. As a result, the owner will pay some rent as mutually decided between the provider of the space and the startup owner. All the water harvested in that place will be collected by the owner and utilized as per his will. He may sell it or store it for later use it is up to the owner. Business Model: B2C Claim the Idea by sharing 5% stake with the Ideator


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