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News of Last Week from Water and Energy Nexus Field

Latest Jobs, Scholarship Opportunities and CFPs in Water and Energy Nexus

Latest News dtd 21st to 28th June 2023


"India’s Tata Power announced plans to develop a pumped storage project, using two existing reservoirs, while presenting its most recent financial results." ..."In addition, during its 104th Annual General Meeting of shareholders for Financial Year 2022-23, Tata Power said it will double its Capex this financial year to INR120 billion (US$1.5 billion). Tata Power Chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran, in his speech to shareholders, highlighted the Company’s financial performance, strategic plans, and commitment to clean energy solutions." "U.S. Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) is launching the Make A Splash Photo and Video Contest." Water power technologies, including hydropower and marine energy, have an increasingly important role as the nation moves toward a clean energy economy. To encourage the public to take a closer look at all that water power has to offer and to document its importance to the U.S. energy grid, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) is launching the Make A Splash Photo and Video Contest. India set to start mega hydropower project at Arunachal Pradesh "India is close to starting a mega hydropower project that has been in the works for 20 years, a key step in the country’s energy transition.State-run hydropower company NHPC Ltd. will start trial runs in July for the Subansiri Lower project that runs through the states of Assam and Arunchal Pradesh in the country’s north-east. The first unit is expected to be commissioned in December, according to finance director Rajendra Prasad Goyal. By the end of 2024, all eight units will be commis .." Increased generation from renewables is not the only piece of the puzzle for achieving rapid green development. Efficiency in energy distribution and use has to increase dramatically. As the world gets dangerously warmer, and almost every country is setting targets for achieving “net zero” emission goals, developing nations face the additional challenge of lifting the material conditions of their populations. In other words, economic development has to be consistent with sustaining the planet. As the world’s most populous nation, and one with a very long way to go in reaching reasonable levels of material prosperity, what India does in the next few years will be of supreme importance. The new National Electricity Plan (NEP), released in May, gives a good sense of how India’s green transition will take place.    

Jobs/Scholarship Opportunities

PhD Scholarship – Power Systems & Renewable Energy Full-time, 3-year fixed-term. position (with a possible 6-month extension). 2 scholarships are available located at our Hawthorn campus. UK’s University of Strathclyde’s launches MSc Renewable Energy and Decarbonisation Technologies Students will have two semesters of compulsory and optional classes, followed by a three-month summer research project in their chosen area. Opportunity at WAPCOS : Last date: 3rd July 2023 WAPCOS is hiring consultants for the following role (age below 65 years), required specialization and expertise as mentioned below. Please send your CV at &, if you match the criteria. The last date for receiving of applications is July 3, 2023. Empannelment of Experts WAPCOS Limited intends to empanel well qualified & experienced individuals experts including freelancers, former Technocrats of Central/ State/Boards/ PSUs etc. below 65 years in Civil, Electrical, Environment, Road, Geologist, Social Sciences, Architects, Project Management, Construction, Bridges, Buildings, Hydro-Power, Thermal Power, Transmission & Distribution, Ports & harbours, Water Supply and Sanitation, Irrigation and Ground Water Management, Solar and Rope way etc. for Projects in Water Resources/Power/Infrastructure Sectors on Short/ Long term basis. Officers due for Superannuation in the near future may also apply.

Call for Paper (Conference/Special Issues)

Call for papers for a special issue on Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions NRF calls for papers for a special issue on Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions, to be published in November 2022. The issue will promote an understanding of the technology-policy nexus and enhance global awareness of ongoing integrated efforts on water and energy, as well as interlinkages with other SDGs. Water Convention 2024 Call for Papers The Water Convention technical program focuses on spurring knowledge sharing, fruitful discussions, and engaging debates among water leaders and practitioners through high-quality presentations on technological innovations, management strategies, and best practices. Water-Energy-Environment-Governance from Interdisciplinary Perspectives; Submission deadline: Saturday, 30 September 2023
The water-energy-environment nexus (WEEN) represents important interstate connections of water, energy, and the environment. Present-day water and energy systems are interdependent. Water is used in all phases of energy production and electricity generation. Energy is required to extract, convey, and deliver water of appropriate quality for diverse human uses, and then again to treat wastewaters prior to its return to the environment. Security in water, energy, and the environment is associated with human, economic, and environmental sustainability. This interweaving is strengthening under aggregating natural resource scarcity and climate change. 4th Latin American Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems - LA SDEWES2024 Vina del Mar, Chile The papers with archival value (archival papers), meaning those that contribute significantly to the state of the art and report final results of research, with proper literature review, will be thoroughly reviewed and may be candidates for publication consideration in special issues of several partner journals (among others Energy, Energy Conversion and Management, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Journal of Environmental Management, Applied Thermal Engineering, Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, Energy reports, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, Optimization, and Engineering, Energies, Sustainability, Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems). There will be only one special issue per year for all SDEWES conferences, so invitations will be sent after the last one. Authors will then have 30 days to improve the paper and submit it. More such news in my blog "Energy in Style"

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Latest News from Water Energy Nexus 12th June to 19th June 2023

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